Sunday, April 29, 2018

Bra-Making Extravaganza

I went on a bra making kick about a year ago. I pretty much filled my lingerie drawer with bras by Colette (Florence) and Ohhh Lulu (Jasmine). Those bras have served me well over the last 12 months, but after many washings and wearings they're looking pretty tired. I'm not a fancy laundry do-er. My dainties go into the washer and dryer along with everything else I own. Time has taken its toll.

So I was very happy when I saw that Ohhh Lulu has released a new bra that has to be the most straightforward lingerie pattern ever. She calls it Hyacinth, and it's free!

Here's my first attempt, made from scraps of a poly/cotton jersey left over from my Brassov top.

This bra is not just easy, it's super fun to make. There are only two pattern pieces; a front and a back, both cut on the fold. No fiddly curved seams to shape the cups. The bottom edge of the front piece has curves in the just right places so that, once you sew the bottom elastic band on, the cup shape magically appears.

Flowers and lace, what could make for better lingerie?
It was so easy and fun to make bra #1 that I immediately cut into some stretch lace to make bra #2. When I purchased this lace I'd earmarked it for lingerie of some sort, but I hesitated to make a bra. I worried about seams running up over my nipples. Not a problem with this bra! Your fabric pattern stays sleek and uninterrupted.

Edgy strap elastic application
Hyacinth comes with very clear instructions and there's also a nifty YouTube tutorial, in which Sarah Norwood (a.k.a. Ohhh Lulu) sews up a bra before your very eyes in less than 20 minutes. Although this isn't my first rodeo with lingerie elastics I learned some nice tricks from this video, including my new favorite way to attach straps to the back band. Very secure, distributes the pull very nicely and looks just a little bit edgy.

My pattern review is on here.

While I was playing around with elastics I also made up a couple new versions of Florence. I've been wearing my original versions a lot lately and enjoying how comfortable they are.

Two new Florences
I'm planning another Jasmine or two as well. Jasmine has a two piece cup. I'm thinking maybe lace on the inner piece and a solid on the outer piece.

If you are one of the many ladies who is better endowed than moi, these bras probably won't provide the support you prefer. But if you are on the smaller side, or if you want to have fun running up some quick and easy lounge wear, don't be shy, give it a try!


  1. Thanks for your review... will take a look at this pattern now !

  2. Thanks for your review. I have a couple of bra patterns to sew but have been a bit fearful to try them because of all the fitting. This pattern might be a good one to start with.