Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Building My Bra Wardrobe

I'm plugging away towards my long-term goal of never buying another RTW bra again in life. For some reason, bra shopping is my most hated retail excursion. I don't have fun trying them on, I sure don't have fun paying for them and I usually don't have fun wearing them. I've never found an underwire that doesn't stab me in the ribs and the hook-and-eye fasteners always poke me when I lean back in my chair.

The latest entry in my library of bra patterns is the Florence, by Seamwork. They call it a lounge bra, but for me it works great as an all-day, every day bra. They also say you can stitch one up in three hours and I think that's accurate. Or less, probably, once you get the elastic techniques under your belt.

Florence fits a wide range of sizes, from a 33 inch bust up to a 54 inch bust. I cut a small for my 35 inch bust and I think the fit is pretty good. Florence is supportive enough for me; but then, I don't have much to support. The larger busted lady might find this bra too flimsy to do much good.

Front view on mini me
Florence is a pull-on bra, which I love. I generally pull my bras off and on over my head anyway, even when they do have closures. I'm either very lazy or very efficient, I guess.

back view
I made myself two, one in a plum bamboo knit and one in a periwinkle mesh. The pattern is actually designed to work with stretch lace. I might need to give that a try. I think I have some squirreled away  upstairs in my fabric closet.

Florence is the third addition to my stable of bra patterns. Between the Josephine (Ohhh Lulu), the Watson (Cloth Habit) and the Florence, my bra needs will be well taken care of. 

My pattern review is on here.


  1. Your bras are fantastic. I have always been intimidated by all the fancy notions in bra making. Just wondering: do these bras provide good support with just the elastic band? I am a C cup and I'm wondering if they will do a good job holding up 'the girls'.

    1. I've heard that the support in a bra is really coming from the "cradle," which I think in this bra would be the elastic band. I find that if I use 3/4 inch elastic in the band the support is pretty good. Better than if I use 1/2 inch anyway. I've always been a soft-cup bra wearer though. Maybe try on one of these styles in the store and see what you think before committing the sewing time?

  2. Oh I like this bra! I haven't seen this one before. I will definitely have to give this one a try!