Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Life in the Old Girl Yet!

Well, what do you know? A finished object here in Surf City!

And not just any finished object either, but an object I've been planning to pump out for months and months! I credit a crafting day with my friend, Jessica, for hauling me out of my sewing slump.

This is the Josephine Bra from OhhhLuluSews, the racerback version.

This is one of the few garments that actually looks better on me than it does on MiniMe. We're more or less the same size, but she's a lot firmer than I am. 

I've been wanting a simple, pull-on bra pattern for a while now. I'm a gal who does not like hooks and buckles; partly because I'm too cheap to want to source findings and partly because I think they're darned uncomfortable, especially when I'm leaning back, lounging. In fact, when donning my purchased bras with hook closures I just pull the darn things on without unhooking them. I guess I'm either very lazy or very efficient.

Should have changed to red thread for my topstitching on the bottom, but  whatever.
Here's a close-up of the cup seaming. There are actually four pieces to each cup. This presents all kinds of fun opportunities for fabric combinations, which I was too lazy to play around with for this first version. It also means that you can cut this baby out of the tiniest bits of leftover fabric. 

This was a very straightforward sew. The bra is unlined and there are no tricky joins or opposing curves to negotiate. Not even any power mesh to wrangle. This also means it isn't terribly supportive, which is OK by me, on account of I don't have much that needs supporting. If you are better endowed than I (which would cover most women over the age of 13), this may not be the ideal bra for you. 

If you are on the smaller side, though, I think it's cute and comfortable. Maybe you are someone with a daughter or niece who is just aging into the world of foundation garments? I think the Josephine would also be a great first bra for a young person.

My pattern review is on PatternReview.com here.

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