Saturday, May 28, 2016

V-Neck Button Blouse, Take Two

Hey hey, another finished object! I must be on a roll.

This is version #2 of Burdastyle June, 2011 blouse #104, last seen in June, 2015.

This time I used a cotton (probably intended for quilting) that I bought at Back Porch Fabrics in Pacific Grove. 

The Man and I had taken a day trip to Carmel to exchange a raincoat I'd bought for Zoe, our Great Pyrenees. I'd gotten her a Double XL, thinking that would surely be large enough. Turned out she needs a Triple XL. What can I say? She's a big girl.

Side view
While in Carmel, we stopped for lunch at the Doris Day hotel (a.k.a. the Cypress Inn), which must be the most dog-friendly hotel on the planet. Zoe got to sit with us in the cafe while we shared a chicken Caesar salad. 

On the way home, The Man offered to take me by a fabric store, just for a look-see. Couldn't help myself. I got two pieces of cotton; the one above was on the sale table. There was just over a yard left. I decided I liked the colors, and surely I could think of something to do with 42 inches of cotton.

Back view
Turned out it was just enough to cut out this top, though I had to shorten the sleeves to make it work. 

This is one of those patterns that I kind of like for a fabric with a large print. There aren't any darts, so I didn't have to worry about what kind of havoc they might wreak on my enormous polka dots. Instead, there's a forward shoulder seam with a tuck and a bit of gathering. 

The neckline is nice and clean, with no collar to present pattern-matching challenges. I shortened the sleeves mainly by leaving off the bottom bands, so I didn't even have to worry about polka-dot placement there. 

The cotton isn't the drapiest, but I can report that the top is cool and easy to wear. Even if it does make me look a bit like Mrs. Bozo. I love polka dots in theory, but once I'm wearing them I can't stop the clown images.

Bonus photo of Zoe in her new raincoat (size Triple XL)
My original pattern review is on here.

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