Saturday, August 10, 2019

Best Undies Ever

This week I fulfilled a promise I made myself back in January. I had a root around the fabric closet to dig up knit scraps to make myself some undies. I've been enjoying the three pairs I made myself at the beginning of the year, and my aging Victoria's Secret supply is getting sadder looking with every wash.

I used Jalie 2568 again, because it's just such a fabulous pattern. Super straightforward, suitable for scraps of whatever stretchy knit you have laying about, and the leg edges are finished by turning under and doing a simple zig-zag stitch.

This time I tried a tip given to me by one of the brilliant and generous sewing ladies on I tried finishing the waist with a self-fabric band. Oh. My. God. It worked great and it was so easy to do.

I cut a 2-inch wide strip of fabric and applied it just the way you'd finish the neck of a tee shirt. I just did a one-to-one ratio because the negative ease on these undies means I don't need any extra oomph in the waist band to hold things in place. So I didn't even have to do any stretching while sewing to make things fit. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

This waist band revelation means that I didn't have to use any lingerie elastics whatsoever in the making of these undies. They are totally scraptastic and therefore totally free.

For two pairs I used double brushed poly jersey scraps. This fabric is, in my opinion, ideal. Light weight, soft and comfortable, and easy to work with.

I love these undies so much that I just ordered 5 yards of double brushed poly jersey from Cali Fabrics so I can make more. Doh! So much for the free undies idea. But since the fabric I ordered is 60 inches wide and it was, like, 6 bucks a yard, I will have undies to spare for the rest of my life. Not bad for $43.82, including shipping.

I also love the double brushed poly for bras. In fact, I have three Hyacinth bras cut out upstairs, just waiting to be sewn.

Now, if only I could figure out a way to make bras without expensive lingerie elastics....

My pattern review is on here.