Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Santa's Coming

 I just finished a rare commissioned knitting project. My only commissioned knitting project, actually.

It's a stocking for my granddaughter, Margot. She's two, so she's calling herself Gogo. Lucky for me, because I would have had a hard time fitting all 6 letters of her full name onto 28 stitches of sock real estate. 

I used this free pattern, which I liked quite a lot. It's written clearly and it uses a fold-over cuff. The double thickness at the top makes the sock feel more sturdy, and it covers the messy tails left from knitting the name at the top. 

It also uses an "afterthought heel." I'd always wanted to try one of those. 

It produces a sock which is nice and roomy. As I explained to The Man, who never had a Christmas stocking, bigger is definitely better.

Here's a view of the guts, to show what I mean.

I used Encore acrylic yarn. I always have some of that sitting around. It feels pretty nice, comes in tons of colors and is machine washable. Good for items that are going into the hands of children.

My Ravelry notes show that it took me about a week to turn this baby out. A lot of that time was spent figuring out my chart to knit Margot's name at the top. Otherwise, it's a quick and enjoyable knit.

My Ravelry notes, if you're interested, are here.