Monday, January 16, 2017

Still More Bras

I've been having so much fun playing with bra sewing. Just can't stop.

polka dots 
My latest is the Jasmine bra from Ohhh Lulu. You may notice one of the straps is a bit mucky. I was so excited when I finished this first version that I rushed over to show my friend Jessica in a gully-busting rain storm. Bit of mud; it will wash out.

The Jasmine is a version of what they call a bralette, which, according to the internet, is "A lightweight, simple design, usually an unlined, soft-cup pullover style bra. The breasts are covered but the bra offers little, if any, real support and is suitable for small busts."

I'd say the Jasmine provides a surprising amount of support for such a straightforward style. Plenty for this small bust anyway.

The pattern calls for a two hook closure, but I omitted that and made my versions up as pullovers. I find I usually pull my bras off and on even when they do have closures. So much easier, and so much more comfortable to wear. 

There are only three pattern pieces. No tricky curves, no easing. The cups are two piece with a vertical seam and I just cut the back band on the fold to get rid of the closure.

version two
I can get this bra out of the leftovers from a half yard of jersey that was used to make a baby tee shirt.

close-up of cups with cute raccoons
I made myself three of these bras this last week. Quick, easy and fun. The designer has a Youtube channel with a bunch of nifty tutorials that walk you through constructing her lingerie, including handling all the elastics and closures.

version three
My version three is from some scraps of Day of the Dead jersey. Very soft and comfy.

Day of the Dead jersey
Here's the Brindle & Twig 6 month tee for which I actually bought this jersey.

Baby tee shirt, also from half yard of this soft jersey
One of these days I may go wild and make a fancy lace and satin version of this pattern. Come to think of it, I have some lace up in the fabric closet that might do very nicely.

Awwww, look. We can be twins!
Until then, I'll keep going through my jersey scraps and have a whale of a time.

My pattern review is on here.