Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Peppermint Magazine Pocket Skirt

 We're having an unusually warm fall here on the Central Coast. It's been in the 80s, which is not so great for our wildfire situation. It does mean that I can continue to enjoy breezy skirts and tank tops for a bit longer though.

This example is the free Pocket Skirt from Peppermint Magazine, designed by Paper Theory.

Pretty cute design, right? And very straightforward to make up. 

I used a lightweight chambray. Probably too lightweight for a skirt; I'm just waiting for it to snag on a splinter. 

I love the pockets, of course, and I also like the high waist. The pattern calls for 1.5 inch wide elastic, which (miracle!) I had in my findings stash. The waist is stable enough that I can actually carry my phone in one of those pockets without the skirt riding down my hips. 

I also love the midi length. Well, it's really more like tea length on me. The skirt is slightly A-line, so you get some fullness at the hem, but it's not so full that it trips me up when I'm vacuuming or walking up stairs while carrying something. Altogether very nice, and just the thing to be wearing while eating a popsicle on the back porch on a hot October afternoon.

My pattern review is on here.