Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tiny Little Overalls

Yes, it's more baby things. I'm heading down to visit the parents-to-be right after Valentine's Day and I'm trying to get my bag of tiny duds all packed to bring with me.

The latest effort is Kwik Sew 3145, Babies Overalls and Hat.

Front view with ruler tucked in the hip pocket
My friend Jessica kindly spent hours pawing through a sale pile of Kwik Sew patterns to locate this little gem for me. This is no baby jumpsuit; this is a full-on pair of overalls with all the grown-up details. Well, except that's a faux fly and the pants are roomy enough for diapers.

I made the the 6-12 month size because there was enough work involved that I didn't want the kid to grow out of them before I have a chance to take a picture. Though just imagining the cuteness in the 0-3 month size makes my grandma fingers start itching.

Kwik Sew 3145 pattern envelope. Might need to make that hat too.
The pattern wants you to be using real hardware, but I wasn't able to find overall buckles in our local fabric store, so I used buttons instead.

Close up of buttons
I'm sure a 6-month old isn't going to be able to make full use of all those pockets, but they're just totally adorable.

Hip pocket with ruler. That's a screwdriver in the bib pocket.

There's a bib pocket on the front, along with two nice, deep hip pockets.

Little hammer pocket holding a screw driver. All our hammers were too big.
And on the back there are two patch pockets and a little hammer pocket. That just slays me.

I used some lightweight denim from Hart's here in Santa Cruz. Even though there were a lot of pattern pieces for a garment this small, the instructions were super clear and the drafting was great. It was really fun to put all the bits together.

Oh yeah, the other difference from adult overalls is the crotch snaps. I used snap tape, which was no fun to apply. I used my zipper foot but it was still tricky to catch the edge of the tape without getting hung up on the snaps. I almost decided to just sew the danged things on by hand but I wanted them to be able to stand up to a lot of hurried diaper changes without malfunction. The proof will be in the pudding!

My pattern review is on here.