Monday, April 17, 2017

Packing the Grandma Suitcase

Just so you know that I have been doing some sewing these last few months, here's a quick tally  of the baby swag I packed up to take down to Orange County with me on one of my recent visits.

This is a little sleep sack from New Look 6310, Babies Layette, including Romper, Bunting, Top, Pants, Diaper Cover, Hat and Blanket.

I used some soft, cotton flannel in an undersea print. The pattern would have you close the front with little ties, but I was after an excuse to try my new KAM snaps.

Close-up of sea creatures and KAM snaps
I also packed a couple of Brindle and Twig tee shirts. These are from their Basic Tee pattern.  Super quick, super easy, and uses hardly any fabric.

My sewing teacher, Sara Homan, gave me this little piece of super cool VW bus fabric.  Adorable, right?

And here's another one in a Frieda Khalo-esque Day of the Dead print.

I also threw in another pair of the Burdastyle MC Hammer pants, this time in a soft, grey knit.

When he saw this piece, The Man shook his head and murmured, "The poor kid." But I say, if you can't wear a novelty print when you're 6 months old, when can you wear a novelty print? I got this fabric at Britex on my holiday shopping spree.

And look, it even has the Britex sign on it. Along with tie dyed tee shirts, cable cars and fortune cookies.

To top it all off, I made a couple of swaddling blankets from some light double-gauze.

Whew! I'm putting finishing touches on a couple of items for me, and then it will be back to the Grandma sweatshop.


  1. Huzzah! You already win the Sewing Grandma of the Year Award and baby isn't even here yet!

  2. Great baby swag - lucky little one!