Monday, November 21, 2016

Yet More Baby Duds

I'm still on a baby sewing jag here in Surf City. I'm going to have to slow my roll, or my grandson-to-be will need extra closet space while he's still in utero. I'm just having so much fun that I can't stop.

The top of this little outfit is the Brindille and Twig Basic Tee done up in a cotton jersey in a print called Rocky Raccoon. Need a close-up of that? OK, here goes:

tee up close
Oh, you meant even closer?

Raccoons close up
Pretty cute, huh? I'm thinking my grandson will be the most hipster baby in So Cal.

The pattern was very easy and fun to sew. The only fiddly part was the neckband, but I always have to fiddle with knit neckbands. It was extra challenging in this case because everything is so tiny. For this version I did what I always do for my own neckbands: press the band wrong sides together, pin to the edge of the neck, sew that puppy down with a bit of stretch and then flip the seam to the inside and zig-zag in place. I've tracked down a couple tutorials on the web that promise a less bulky finish, which is important when you're head is almost as big as your shoulders. I'll give one of those techniques a go on my next tee, and hope that practice will make perfect. This pattern will take me all the way up to a size 6T, so it will allow for practice galore.

The pants are from the May, 2015 Burdastyle (trousers #137B). That issue has a bunch of very cute baby patterns sized for knits. You can download them from the Burdastyle site if you can't get your hands on the magazine.

BS 05-2015 #137
Don't they look like little MC Hammer pants? The style should give plenty of diaper room. There's a separate waist band and little cuffs. I used a knit cotton jacquard that's maybe a bit heavy for this pattern.

It's almost a sweatshirt weight, which made turning those cuffs inside a bit tough. I can't wait to go crazy on this one with some bright cotton prints. Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be slowing my roll....

My third item is another pair of pants, also done in the navy jacquard. These are from a Butterick See and Sew pattern, #6364.

BS 6 month vs. Butterick newborn size. WTF??
Here they are, compared to the Burdastyle trousers. The Butterick pants are the newborn size; the Burdastyle are the 6 month. I mean, I know the Big Four add lots of ease, but this is a bit ridiculous, no? These Butterick newborn pants have an 11 inch inseam. That's just not right, is it?

No real worries, the kid will grow into them eventually. The pattern also includes a bunting; I think I'll stay away from that. He for sure will not be needing a bunting when his inseam is 11 inches.

My pattern reviews for these items are on thusly:

Brindille and Twig tee
Burdastyle pants
Butterick pants


  1. It is such a joy to sew for your grandson on the way! My children are small and I'm already finding myself imagining sometimes... your fabrics are so lovely! Maybe is not my place to give advice but as sewing for my little ones recently I thought I could share some of my experiences. I found the big 4 and Burda style sizes ridiculous and huge. If you can try some of the Ottobre patterns - they are excellent fit for newborn and toddlers. For pants my favorite pattern is the free footed pants from sew much ado though they only come in newborn size. Also in the first few months they will just be horizontal so most of their tops will roll up. A bodysuit will be a lot more comfortable. I hope the little one will bring you a lot of joy when he comes!

    1. I'll keep my eye peeled for Ottobre patterns for sure, thanks for the tip! I've been wanting to try one in my size too! Also, thanks for the tip about babies spending their days laying down. I kind of forgot about that. Off to search for some bodysuit patterns!