Sunday, June 1, 2014

Put on the Red Dress

I sewed a slew of knits as part of prepping for our vacation. We're halfway through our drive cross-country to visit family in Rochester, Minnesota and then more family in Chicago. When we've made this trip in the past we've usually gone in August. Heat, cicadas singing, summer storms. So far June has been cooler and we've run into some rain. Very exotic for us drought-weary Californians. I'm figuring we'll be seeing some shorts weather, since we'll be heading home through southern Utah and Las Vegas.

Knits are always good packers. Easy-care, not too many wrinkles and not too warm.

Front view - must develop more decolletage

This is the cowl-neck dress #106 from BurdaStyle's May, 2014 issue. I had this piece of red cotton knit from Backstitch, in Nevada City. I'd planned to use it for a dress or maxi skirt. Deanna, Backstitch's proprietress, had suggested the weight would be good for one or the other. I don't usually wear red, but, hey, when you're on vacation you should live a little, right?

Side view
 It's a lot of red though.

The dress only has three pieces; back, front with cut-on cowl and sleeve. It should have been a snap to sew but once again I got stuck in the mental flypaper of the instructions. After scratching my brow for some time I turned to, hoping some wiser mind than mine had worked this one through. I clicked my way to the super-helpful review by cabinbaby. She links to her blog post, where she explains very clearly how to put together the cowl in a much nicer way than Burda suggested. Plus, she helped me understand what the heck Burda was talking about in the first place. She is a lifesaver!

This dress is kind of outside my comfort level, but I'm thinking maybe for casino wear. We're going to spend one night in Las Vegas on the way back.

Another front view - darn that neckline swings wide and low
I may mess with the neckline some to bring it up a little. I think Burda imagined the dress on someone younger and with more d├ęcolletage than I possess.

Let's hope the red brings me luck at the tables!

My review is on here:

Can't figure out how to do a URL link on my iPad.....

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  1. That's a hot mama red, Nancy! You look very nice in that color, it suits you very well. As often as I have read that "low neckline" comment about Burda patterns,I figure it's just a Burda trait and one to be aware of before cutting out their patterns. Not that I've ever made one from a Burda magazine. Or even seen a Burda magazine, for that matter.

    Have fun on the rest of the vacation. Take some of that rain home, why don't you. We're a little weary of it here in flyover country.