Monday, December 9, 2013

La Fred sans Sleeves

Garment post #2!

This is the La Fred Europa blouse without sleeves. Mini Me doesn't have arms, so it doesn't look quite the same on her, but you get the idea. This is not exactly seasonal sewing, but here on the Central Coast it can get up into the 70s in December, so who knows, I could be sporting this little number soon. It's cute and comfy with a skirt or jeans, and it has an all-in-one neck and arm facing so there is no flipping out. Gotta love that!

It's made from a cotton that I got a Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley several years ago. It's chocolate brown with a little tone-on-tone circle pattern. I think it was Japanese. It has a feel that's almost like a light bark cloth. Above is my attempt at a closeup...

If you notice a few new widgets around the blog it's because I had a meeting with my web design consultant yesterday. A friend once told me that if you're hiring technical help, under no circumstances consider anyone over the age of 15. My guy, Aaron, is 12. I'm hoping I can keep him for at least another year, or until he gets tired of working for cupcakes.

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