Thursday, February 5, 2015

Crazy Dog Lady

I know I said I was going to limit myself to three sewing challenges this year, but that was before Sophie Lee of Two Random Words* announced the Crazy Dog Lady Challenge.

How could I say no? As a dog-lover and the owner of a Great Pyrenees, I feel obligated to participate.

Let me introduce you to Zoe:

My inspiration dog
Here are the "rules," copied from Sophie Lee's blog:

"You can interpret the challenge however you like – whether you make a garment from dog-themed fabric, make yourself a dog costume, make an outfit for your dog, or ALL THREE, is up to you. Even a dog quilt would be awesome!"

I stepped out on my Stashbusting Challenge to attend the Superbowl Sunday fabric sale at Hart's, where my friend Lisa (and a bunch of other friendly fabric lovers) helped me go through every bolt of dog-themed fabric in the store.

There were a surprising number of options to choose from. Some were cute, but bad colors for me, some were a bit too youthful (read "pre-school") in style, but there were several that were very tempting. I ended up going with a nice, soft cotton from Cotton and Steel.

I'm willing to stipulate that these guys are probably coyotes, or possible wolves.  The cacti point in the coyote direction. Still, they're clearly members of the genus canis, so I figure this fabric counts as dog-themed.

Don't you think there's a clear resemblance to my inspiration dog?

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I have until March 15 to turn 1.5 yards of this fabric into (probably) a blouse. Game on!

Bonus adorable picture of Zoe (at 75 lbs) with her friend Hermes (at 2.5 lbs)

* Coincidentally, The Man is an expert in the mathematics of Random Walks. Eerie, huh?


  1. Love you fabric. I also joined into the crazy dog challenge. I found a Scottie dog knit fabric. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's makes!!!!

  2. That last picture is way too adorable! :)

  3. What a fun challenge no wonder you could not resist. I like your fabric choice. Love the very cute pic of Zoe and her friend