Friday, February 28, 2014

Challenging Myself

If you take a look at my sidebar, you might notice that I've signed myself up for a few challenges in the last month. My most recent commitment is to participate in the Mad Men Challenge over at Julia Bobbin's.

To sweeten the pot, I just got a package of 80's goodness in the mail from the Scruffy Badger.

Yes, I will be kicking up the 80's by producing a pair of pleated pants! The challenge is "to make them up" (that I think I can do!) "and show how 80s styles can still kick a punch today!" This last bit will send me to the magazine stand to flip through Vogue  and Elle for styling tips. It's not just my music collection that got frozen in the last century! I do have an idea for the photo shoot that I'm quite excited about, though, so watch this space...

I might be feeling a bit over-committed if I hadn't cleverly chosen challenges that will let me double-dip. If I sew a dress for the Mad Men challenge, it would also be a dress from a vintage pattern. And 80's pleated pants also count as vintage, wouldn't you say? So two down for my Five for 2014 Vintage Pattern pledge. And anything I can cough up will count as Making a Garment a Month, and also fits in nicely with my RTW Fast. You see how it all comes together? We don't just get older, we get smarter.


  1. Good luck with all your projects. Boy, I hate the thought that the 80s are considered vintage already. My kids were born in the 80s. Are they vintage??

    1. I know! My son was born in 1982. If he's vintage I guess I must be antique :-/