Sunday, May 10, 2015

Me Made May, Week Two

Monday is so long ago that I can't seem to remember what the heck I did, but it looks like I did it wearing one of my Kirsten Kimono Tees and a pair of Burdastyle 10/2013-127a (Straight Pants). I've made this pants pattern four times now. It's my go-to basic trouser pattern.

Tuesday was a work day and also a party day. I met some friends at a local brew pub to celebrate launching the second phase of our project. Beer and calamari all around! I wore my new Gertie Knit Pencil Skirt with a Burdastyle Dolman Sleeve top.

Wednesday was another work day. I wore an Alabama Chanin tee with my 80's pants. My photo editing software is pretty good, but apparently it can't iron.

Thursday The Man left early for a quick out-of-town trip, so I was on my own for photos. This is my attempt at a cell phone selfie. Oh wow, it's so dark that I can't really tell what I had on. I think it was a pair of Burdastyle Straight Pants and my black Christine Johnson V-Neck Tee. It was a bit chilly and rainy that day and the high neck felt nice and cozy. I putzed around the house and had my friend, Martha over for dinner. She's been sucked into sewing (mwah ha ha) so we had a delightful crafty chat.

Cell phone selfie
Friday I picked up The Boy, who very sweetly flew up to see me for Mother's Day. We walked around downtown Santa Cruz so I could check to see if the May Burdastyle was in the bookstore. It wasn't, darn it. I'm wearing the same Burdastyle Straight Pants as yesterday with my spotty Renfrew cowl neck and my Minoru.

Photo credit to The Boy and my iPhone
Saturday started out foggy and grey and then turned sunny and beautiful in the afternoon. The Boy and I went out for a huge breakfast at Zachery's and then wandered about enjoying the day. I wore my brown Barb pants with a red Renfrew cowl neck.

The Boy took this one too.
Today we made waffles for breakfast and then I dropped The Boy off at the airport.  I also bought myself a new pair of running shoes for the Bay to Breakers next weekend. I'm wearing my Burdastyle Pajama Style Pants and, yes, another Renfrew.

Me Made May is teaching me that I wear a lot of Renfrews. And I haven't even tried the V-neck version yet!

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  1. What I like about your Me-Made-May garments.... is that each outfit is different than the other. You've got such a nice assortment of styles and garments to choose from in your wardrobe!