Sunday, May 31, 2015

Me Made May The End

Monday I met my friend, Martha, for a dog walk and sewing show-and-tell. She took up sewing again a couple of weeks ago and she's been going gangbusters! She loaned me a couple of patterns I need to take a look at. I wore my Burdastyle 70's pants and a Burdastyle gathered shoulder tee.

Tuesday was a work day. I wore my Kicking Up the 80's pants, an Alabama Chanin tee and a Summer Cardi from Knitting Pure and Simple.

Wednesday was another work day. I wore my Beetle Dress (the zip front dress from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual). This is a very easy dress to wear. I went for a hike at lunch and was totally comfortable.

Thursday was an at-home day. I wore my good old Burdastyle Straight Pants (I wear these all the time, it's a great pattern), a Kirsten Kimono tee and the Summer Cardi again. So far, this has been the kind of summer that requires a cardi.

Friday I wore my Burdastyle Pajama Style Pants and a sleeveless shell I knitted years ago. My photographer was worried you'd all be getting bored of seeing the front door, so he set me up taking a sighting through an antique compass.

Saturday I sewed most of the day - ahhh. Just what the doctor ordered. I almost forgot to take a snapshot, so I'm afraid it's a cell-phone selfie. I wore my Burdastyle 70's trousers and another Burdastyle gathered shoulder tee.

Sunday was another at-home day. I wore my khaki Burdastyle Narrow Leg Pants with a woven tee I made long ago. Plus - me made undies!

Whew! That's Me Made May done and dusted. Now that I've been sewing for a few years I usually wear a me-made wardrobe, but my day-to-day dressing is pretty repetitive. Like, even more repetitive than what you've seen here. Me Made May gets me thinking about things I haven't worn for a while. It also gets me to think about putting things together a bit differently. That knitted shell, for example. I'd forgotten about that top and it's actually kind of cute.

And - it makes me realize I need to go through my closet and drawers to get rid of things that are getting tired to make way for the fruits of my stashbusting!


  1. Great week of great makes - love your pants, all of them!

  2. Congrats on getting all the way through the month. I am envious of all your trousers. I am serious need of making those but shy away of all the fitting that might be involved.

  3. You've got a great handmade wardrobe and congratulations on competing Me-Made-May this year! You have a nice photographer to set up such a lovely shot. :)