Sunday, May 24, 2015

Me Made May Week Four

Monday I walked downtown with the dog and did a few errands, so it was a pair of Burdastyle straight pants and a Kirsten Kimono Tee.

Tuesday was a work day, and chilly to boot, so I wore a pair of 40's Retro Trousers (Simplicity 3688) and my spotty Santa Monica Tee. I just bought some fabric to make another pair of these trousers. The two I have are getting pretty beat up, and I really like this pattern!

Wednesday was another work day.  Word on the street was that it was going to get sunny in the afternoon, so I wore an Alabama Chanin skirt and a top I knitted years ago, using Madeline Tosh yarn and a pattern from Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard.

Thursday my Great Pyrenees, Zoe, and I did a Stress Relief visit with Furry Friends, our pet assisted therapy group. We went out to Scotts Valley High with about 6 other dogs to meet the students at their lunch hour. The kids were adorable, and they threw themselves on the dogs like they were starved for love. It was a cold, drizzly day, so I spent the afternoon drying out in front of the fire in my old friends, my Burdastyle straight pants, and my Furry Friends uniform shirt.

Friday I went to a gourd decorating class with my friend, Jessica. What a great way to spend the day! Our teacher, Carmen, was wonderful. There were three other students and we chatted away about all sorts of things while dying, carving and decorating our gourds. I wish I had pictures of the other gourds - it was so fun to see how different they all turned out! It was still grey and chilly most of the day, so I wore a Renfrew cowl neck tee with my Barb pants.

Me and my gourd
Saturday Zoe and I visited a nursing home with Furry Friends and then went for a dog walk with her pals, Hitchcock and Griffith (and my friends Therese and Maurice). We hiked up into a park behind our house and lucked into some of the prettiest weather we've had all week. I wore my Burdastyle straight pants again, along with yet another Renfrew. This particular pair of pants is one of my favorites, partly because they're comfortable and partly because the fabric seems to repel dog hair more successfully than most of my other clothes. When you have a Great Pyrenees, a lot of your wardrobe decisions are driven by dog hair.

Sunday we had a lazy morning, then cleaned house and went to they gym in the afternoon. I wore my Bagua pants and yet another Renfrew. Have I gotten my money's worth out of this pattern, or what? And I plan to make more. I love the neckline variations and those 3/4 length sleeves are so darn practical.

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