Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Little Hoodie

OK, this is absolutely the last piece of baby clothing I'm sewing until the kid is at least 18 months old.

This is the Brindille & Twig hooded raglan sweatshirt. I used a soft, gray cotton jersey and lined the hood with some frog jersey, left over from the Froggy Coco that I made for my DSIL for Christmas.

Frogs on lily pads for the hood liner
I've made a few Brindille & Twig patterns by now and I like them very much. Some of the baby patterns I've tried seem to have the same "excessive ease" issues that I've found with the Big 4 adult sewing patterns. Witness, Butterick 6364, which delivered an 11 inch inseam on pants allegedly sized for a 6 month old. I ask you.

The items I've made from Brindille & Twig look like they'll fit an actual child of the age the size suggests. Now, I haven't tried any of them on a actual child yet, but within the next month I should have my chance.

They're also easy to put together, and include the kinds of cute details that make the result feel special.

For example, this hoodie includes a functional front pocket. Not sure what a 6-month old will be wanting to carry around in his pockets, but he'll have them if needed!

Besides being very cute and easy to put together, this pattern is free. And it includes sizes from newborn to 5-6 T. What could be better?

My pattern review is on PatternReview.com here.

I'll leave you with a very LA picture, taken while sipping a glass of wine in the garden with my DSIL after the baby shower.


  1. This is a lovely hoody! I like the contrast fabric you've used inside too. I've got this and their ringer tee both saved, I really should print them off & give them a try! If you've not tried it there's a great free kids shorts pattern 'the sunny day shorts' by Oliver + S. if you do try it though I think it comes up just a little small so usually use a smaller seam allowance.

  2. How cute! I love your fabric choice and the combination. Great job.