Thursday, April 20, 2017

Another Undersea Sleep Sack

This is another make from New Look 6310. This time around, I made the sleep sack from a soft cotton jersey.

I stuck with the undersea theme

The original pattern has the front made in two over-lapping pieces that tie (or snap) together at the top. I re-jiggered the pattern to cut the front in one piece with a V-neck.

I finished the neck with a band, like a regular tee shirt. I'm hoping the neckline is big enough to fit over one of those enormous baby heads.

In order to have quick access for midnight diaper changes, I left the bottom of the sack open and added a drawstring.

I totally have to stop it with the baby clothes now. They had the baby shower last weekend and there were 65 guests. It was a super fun party. I got to meet a bunch of new family members, plus a significant percentage of the guests were cute babies themselves.

There was a huge stack of presents still to be opened when I left. When I asked The Boy if they got them all upstairs and sorted out, he just kept saying, "Sooo many baby clothes..."

My review of this pattern is on here.

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  1. I just love this. And I'm a big fan of sleep sacks, my children stayed/lived in them for months! I don't see them as much now, too bad, they're great!