Monday, July 28, 2014

Wharf to Wharf

The only real sewing hook in this post is that I ran this race while wearing my running skirt and Fehr Trade running bra (both of which felt great).

The last Sunday in July is the running of the Wharf to Wharf, a race from the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf to the wharf in Capitola, 6 miles south on the bay. It's a small town race, but it attracts a pretty big crowd because it's a beautiful course and we always have Goldilocks weather; not too hot and not too cold, but just right.
Me and the sis. We run this one together most years.
You can see above that I'm wearing a gold bib number. That meant I had a chance to win the raffle for a free trip to run the Wharf2Wharf in Waiheke Island, New Zealand in January. A nice lady named Danielle won instead though.

There were 16,000 registered runners and 55 bands along the course, which winds right along the water. That's more than one band per block - every kind of music you can imagine and all of it very inspiring. The first place female (Kenyan, natch) won in 30:17:44. I was more like 83:15:22, but I had a great time.

I brought my camera along, so here are a series of snaps from the course. If you ever plan to be in Santa Cruz at the end of July, this is a super fun race to run in. You have to register quick though. The race sold out in 19 hours this year.

The starting line at the wharf by the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Pipes and Drums by the river

The Great Morgani in his flamingo outfit

The banner says it all. These guys were great.

The yacht harbor, running over the bridge

Sons of the Beach Ukelele Band

The chefs from The Crow's Nest always bang their giant pots like drums to encourage us runners

Running along the beach by the yacht harbor

San Jose State Pep Band

Emergency provisions

Watsonville Taiko  drummers

And the finish line! Home for coffee and danish with a job well done.


  1. I love the 'peek' into your 'life'!!! What a fun race!! I'd run slow just to savor the moment.

  2. Great photos looks like a really fun event. You live in a beautiful place.