Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vintage Pattern #4

You may remember that I pledged to make five vintage patterns from my stash this year. By my fuzzy accounting, this is number 4. It's Simplicity 3937 from 1961 (or thereabouts). It isn't one of the original suspects that I listed in my pledge post, but, hey, flexibility is good.

I found this pattern in an antique store in Grass Valley. At $2.00, the price was right, and I was attracted by the square neck blouse. I'm a sucker for a square neck.

Cute square neck blouse
I'll call this version a wearable muslin. If I make it again (and I might - see above about being a sucker for a square neck) I'll pinch out about an inch in the front neckline. If I'm not extra careful with my posture I have a bit of gaping there. Plus it would bring the straps in a bit in the front, giving me better bra-strap coverage.

Front view, standing straight with shoulders back
I used some cotton that I got probably 10 years ago.  I'm sure it's grateful to finally be made into something so it can enjoy the occasional day outside the fabric closet.

The pattern is a Misses size 14. The bust is a 34, which is close to me, but the waist is 26. As if. I lowered the bust darts about an inch, and I waited until the end to decide about putting in the waist darts. I did add them per the pattern in the back, and maybe half what the pattern called for in the front, and I think the fit worked out OK. 

Back view, with 5 buttons disappearing into the print
You can't see them in the photo, but the blouse is closed with five buttons running down the back. I thought having the buttons in the back was a cute design feature while in the planning and construction stages of the project. I had a few minutes of concern after I finished. It looked like I'd created a top that would require me to hire a lady's maid to dress and undress me. As it turns out, I can wriggle in and out with the top 3 buttons closed, and I'm still flexible enough to do up the bottom 2 buttons while I'm wearing the dang thing. Note to self: sign up for that yoga class.

So four down and one to go. I have my eye on a sleeveless dress pattern I found at an antique mall in Salina, Kansas.

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  1. I love the pattern and the fabric. It does fit nicely but I understand the neck being a bit large. I have that same fitting problem on styles like that. I did one similar but I buttoned in the front.....maybe an option on your next try.

  2. Until you spoke of the waist darts (and back buttons!), I had not noticed those on the pattern. Wow, that is one fitted looking top on the pattern envelope! I like your version much better and think it looks very cute on you.