Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Same Old Same Old

I have been sewing, just not on anything new and exciting.

Reminder not to take photos in the afternoon - the sun is just too bright
This is a washed out picture of my new seersucker Burda pleat-neck blouse. While I was at Hart's getting elastic for my Barb pants I was overcome by a sudden need for a seersucker blouse. Possibly because I was imagining sipping an iced tea by the river in Ashland while wearing one. We're heading up to Oregon for a short vacation mid-August - can't wait!

The fabric looks white when photographed in the late afternoon sun, but really it's narrow aqua and white seersucker stripes.

Close-up to show the aqua stripes and my little square buttons
This is the fourth time I've made this pattern now and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. I'm almost 100% sure that I'm putting the collar on right-side-up and I know that I need to curve the side seams in an inch about 5 inches down from the bottom of the arm scythe.

close-up of pleated neck with right-side-up collar
This is one of the first patterns I ever traced from a BurdaStyle magazine and I'm pretty sure I failed to accurately transfer all of the information. I like the pattern well enough that I think I'll go back and re-trace more carefully and add in my few tweaks at the same time. I have some green cotton with multi-colored polkadots that may find itself made into Pleat Neck Blouse #5.


  1. Very pretty you can't beat sear sucker in hot weather. There's nothing better than having a pattern you know fits and know it so well you can just start to sew and make it up without any challenges along the way - that's my goal for this year to find one or two patterns I can say that about

  2. It's good to stick with what you know, sometimes....especially when it's a tricky technique and you've finally figured it out! Love the seersucker. So nice and cool.