Monday, May 26, 2014

Me Made May Week Four

So far so good. I had one day this week where I wore a non-me-made item, but otherwise I've been able to cobble together an outfit a day from my me-made closet without really breaking a sweat.

Monday, May 19
This is Gertie's portrait blouse with my Vogue 80's pants. Monday was a work day for me. I really am retired, but I've been working a couple of days a week on a project for my old employer. Monday we had a steering committee meeting so I tried for casual but somewhat pulled-together.  The pants were an item in a Vogue Career Wardrobe pattern so they should be meeting-appropriate, right?

Tuesday, May 20
Another work day. The top is a new pattern for me - Textile Studio's Santa Monica tee. I heard about this pattern from a sewing friend at work. Yes, I have discovered fairly recently that there are several sewing divas who share my building! I find excuses to drop by their floor as often as possible so I can check their outfits. Anyway, one of my new mentors highly recommended this pattern and I can see why. It's a raglan tee with some very nice shaping and a neckline that's high enough to be work appropriate. I'm wearing it with Simplicity 3688, a retro 1940's wide-legged trouser pattern. I like the pants a lot, I only wish they had pockets.

Wednesday, May 21
Wednesday was an at home day. I wore yet another of my Maria Denmark Kirsten tees along with my Burdastyle Straight Pants with Pockets in khaki green. 

Thursday, May 22
Another at home day, and a fairly warm one to boot. I wore my blue Burdastyle Straight Pants with Pockets along with a Sorbetto.

Friday, May 23
At least I put on shoes on Friday. These are my Burdastyle Pajama Style pants with another make of McCalls 8050, that OOP woven tee pattern from Week Two.

Saturday, May 24
Saturday was kind of a work day for Zoe and me. We volunteer with a pet-assisted therapy group called "Furry Friends." We visit The Driftwood nursing home a couple of Saturdays a month, where Zoe gets almost as much petting as she requires. Zoe recently passed her reading test, so we also do Tales to Tails one Saturday a month. We visit the public library, where kids practice their reading by reading aloud to her. Zoe's especially fond of books about dogs.

I'm wearing my baggy New Look khaki pants and the regulation Furry Friends tee shirt. I thought I might change into a me-made shirt once we got home, but I ended up putzing in the garden in this exact outfit.

Sunday, May 25
Sunday was a gardening day. The baggy New Look khaki pants from yesterday were too covered with dog hair to be fit even for toting potting soil, so I went for an ancient pair of me-made elastic-waist pants. Looking at the pictures, I see that I must get rid of them, even though they have swordfish on them. Surely I can do better, even for gardening. The tee is from one of my early Burdastyle magazines. I think this is the first Burdastyle pattern I ever traced and made up. Awww. Probably time to let this one go too.


  1. You have a good casual wardrobe, Nancy. How nice that much of it works for home and office. My local library has a read-to-a-dog program too. It seems really popular with both the kids and the canines.

    1. Lucky for me my office is about as casual as they come! It's a college campus. I could wear pajamas to work and no one would look twice....

    2. Depending on what it is you sleep in, you might not want to put that assumption to the test!

  2. You're doing great for Me-Made-May! And I LOVE your Zoe! With your personality and Zoe's doggy charm, the two of you must bring plenty of sunshine to the nursing home residents and the children. :)
    PS I linked back to you on the Kirsten Kimono tee post I wrote today. Thank you again for sharing such a terrific pattern!