Monday, May 19, 2014

Me Made May Week Three

So far so good!

Monday, May12
We've been having unseasonably hot weather here on the Central Coast, so I went for a skirt on Monday. I call this my Sister Skirt because I traced my sister's pattern and we both made the same skirt in different fabrics.  The top is - yes, you guessed it - a Maria Denmark Kirsten tee.

Tuesday, May 13
Tuesday was a work day, and a hot one to boot. I wore an Angela Wolf pinafore that I made way back when I was first picking up sewing again. Sadly, I don't see it on her web site anymore. It was a free pattern that came along with a great tutorial for beginning sewers. I sometimes wear it with a tee shirt underneath, but Tuesday was way too hot to contemplate layers.
Wednesday, May 14
Wednesday was another hot work day, so I went for a dress. Much breezier than pants. This is another oldie but goodie, a Vogue that I made probably 4 years ago. I'd kind of forgotten about this dress. The fit is pretty bad, but I'm tempted to haul out the pattern and give it another try. I like the pleats in front and it has great in-seam pockets on the sides.

Thursday, May 15
Thursday was yet another hot day, so a loose dress was on the agenda. This is a Burda pattern that I got years ago in Portland at Josephine's Dry Goods, which I recently heard is no more. Very sad, it was a great fabric store that I wished were hundreds of miles closer to me. This dress has a drop waist and pleats on the skirt, which makes it cool and breezy to wear on hot days. I've recently realized it also has a straight hem on the skirt, which means I could use it for a border print I got a while ago. I'll let you know how that works out.
Friday, May 16
Still warm out so I went for another skirt and tee combination. I made the skirt from instructions in an article in Threads Magazine many years ago. The tee is an Alabama Chanin pattern that I like a lot. The fit is nice and the neck is very modest, so it makes a nice blank canvas for embellishment (which I must try sometime) or for a wardrobe staple, if you leave it simple.
Friday, May 17
Saturday I went up to San Francisco to meet my sister for our traditional running of the Bay to Breakers. This meant a stop by Britex, where I got some fabric to sew a skirt and two tops for my road trip vacation in June. I'm wearing my Burdastyle pajama style pants (May 2012, #122) and my Archer shirt.

Sunday, May 18
Sunday we ran the race, which took pretty much all day. So my outfit was my self-drafted running skirt (if you can call an A-line skirt with an elastic waist "drafting") and my running bra hacked from the Fehr Trade XYT Running Top. My running shirt is from a prior race and the jacket is RTW. So far these are the only two non-me made wardrobe items I've worn this month (excepting socks and underwear). I knew that athletic gear would likely be my biggest challenge. Time to look into wicking fabric to make up a few tees!

On to week four...

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