Tuesday, January 22, 2019

High Waist Undies

I'm not sure why it took me so long to trace out this pattern and give me-made undies a serious try. This is Jalie 2568. I bought it about two years ago, based on positive reviews on PatternReview. I've tried a couple other underwear patterns and they were fine, but this one looked like it would hit all the high points for me.

My go-to RTW undies were the Victoria's Secret High Leg Briefs. I liked the fit. The waist fell pretty much where mine did. They're usually on sale, so I could get 5 pairs for $25, and they have a nice store in San Francisco. Once a year, I'd stock up. 

Then, as happens all too often as one ages, things began to change. Waistlines on garments began to drop. Low rise jeans got super popular. And my High Leg Briefs morphed into Low Rise Briefs. That means that the waistline elastic cuts right across my hip fluff, resulting in Visible Panty Lines when I wear knit dresses and skirts. Plus, this style started to get harder to find. Victoria's Secret is now all about the thongs and the boy shorts and the Brazilian hipsters. 

So I sat down one day last week and cut myself out a few pairs of Jalie 2568. I'm now a true believer. 

Cute camisole too!

They're very quick to sew up. The legs really don't require elastic edging to stay in place. And, once I added a couple inches to the rise, they really do come up to my waist. The fit is great; I don't notice I'm wearing them even when I try to concentrate on them. I want a drawer full.

I used a brushed cotton lycra blend that I got at Hart's. The purple roses are scraps from my Brasov top and the teal roses I bought special for this project. I got a yard of the teal roses for $9, so I can make these undies for cheaper than Victoria's Secret. Especially if you factor in a trip to San Francisco. 

I complicated the construction by trying to enclose the crotch seam as described in a great tutorial by Very Purple Person. Even though I pre-pinned and thought I had it right for the first pair, I screwed it up and ended up with my crotch lining on the outside of my undies. Ripped it out and did it again. 

On the second pair I was certain sure I had everything done correctly, so I sewed it up. And I did have it done correctly, but I'd sewn the crotch lining to the rear leg opening. Doh! Ripped it out and did it again. But, by George, I'm sure I've got it now and subsequent pairs will be right first time, every time.

These undies, along with the Seamwork Florence and the Ohhh Lulu Hyacinth, will take care of my lingerie drawer from now on. Game on!

My pattern review is on PatternReview.com here.


  1. My favorite undies were VS's high leg briefs, and I have tried every other high-legged brief since they changed them. Even before they waist line dropped, they started making them out of very thin material instead of my beloved cotton rib knit. So you have inspired me! I still like high leg briefs, so I would probably have to raise the leg and the waist on these, but maybe not putting elastic in them would resolve that issue. I love your briefs! Thanks for the pattern review and blog entry about this pattern. I am inspired!

  2. So very frustrating when you have a favourite brand of anything and then they change or discontinue. I find this especially so with shoes. This Jalie pattern is my go to. I currently have some on my table. I love no elastic in the legs too. I found by using some of the special zig zag stitches on my machine I get an even stretchier leg.

  3. Your underwear post made me laugh out loud, so I had to read it to the hubby. We were both in tears with laughing. You're very funny! Wish you lived closer to Vermont. I'm sure we'd be friends.