Thursday, June 1, 2017

Summer Trousers

The Man and I are heading off to Idaho in July. Traveling by car, as usual. Neither of us like flying and both of us like driving, which is another indication that we are made for each other.

In preparation, I've been sewing up a thing or two to keep me cool and comfortable on the journey.

Front view
These trousers are BS 05-2013-117.  On their website, Burdastyle calls them "Tie Up Pants," which makes them sound a lot more exotic than they really are.

Side view
They're actually drawstring pants with nice, deep slash pockets. Here's the line drawing for you:

Not a lot of shaping going on, but since my waist and hips are pretty close to the same size, shaping is optional for me.

Back view
I used a light cotton chambray (at least I think it's a chambray). It's breezy and loosely woven, and it doesn't appear to need ironing after a wash, which is a definite plus for me!

Front View showing elastic waist
Here's a shot with my top hiked up so you an see how the waist sits. It comes out just about belly-button height on me.

You'll notice the lack of a drawstring. I made these pants a couple of years ago out of a brightly printed rayon and I went with the drawstring on that pair. I ended up taking it out and subbing in some elastic. I like the idea of drawstring pants but I always have trouble arranging that darn bow so that I don't end up with a lump in the front of my top.

The fabric is probably too delicate to make long lasting pants, but I think this pair should see me through vacation. Picture me sitting on the veranda at the Sun Valley Lodge, sipping a chilled, dry vin gris while watching the ice skaters twirl around in the summer sun.

My pattern review is on here.


  1. The fit of these pattern drawing look like they are comfortable in the seat but harrow in the this the way they actually fit....I might like this pattern.

    1. They're about 15 inches around the ankle, if that helps. The fit feels very trouser-like. Give them a try!

  2. These look great on you & I bet they're really comfy for travelling. I think, like you, I'd leave off the bow so I could wear tops over them without a bump.

  3. cute cute cute! and I'm with you on the drawstring thing, they just bug me and I always remove/don't use them. Have a fun trip!

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