Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Belize Shorts

More vacation garments! A few days ago I popped for a PDF of the Belize Shorts and Skort pattern from Itch to Stitch.

Front view with wet hair. Just took a shower.
Lisa, of Lisa's Carolina Handmade, has sewn up a passel of these shorts, each pair a winner. Her versions look so cute and cool, I had to get in on the action.

So I jumped in with both feet. I've made three pairs this week. That puts this pattern right up there with one of my all time favorites, the Kirsten tee by Maria Denmark.

back view
You will notice that I have my hands in my pockets in every photo. That's because these shorts have the world's most perfect pockets. They're nice and deep and set at just the right angle so that my hands are sucked in like the Millennium Falcon making the jump to light speed.

Side view
I can get a pair of these babies out of a yard of 45 inch wide fabric. They feature an elastic waist with a flat front. They're as comfortable as gym shorts, but they look a lot dressier. Or at least I think they do.

Trying to show the flat front on the waistband
They're also the perfect length for me as drafted. I'm 5'3", and no one would call me leggy, so if you are one of those tall, coltish gals you may want to add a few inches.

Version 1
This was my first version, made up in a stretch twill remnant that I had knocking around the fabric closet.

Version 2
This is version two in a Japanese indigo print.

I'm actually trying to stop myself from going upstairs to cut out a 4th pair from a yard of beetle printed fabric that I originally got to make some love bug overalls for my grandson.

My pattern review is on PatternReview.com here.


  1. wow, love the shorts....bet it takes no time to make. I may get this pattern.

  2. These look so nice on you! I'm shorter than you, so I think these may be in my future. They are such a nice length. It's hard to find shorts long enough that aren't Bermuda's.

  3. So glad to see your review, very timely as I also purchased this pattern the other day during ITS's sale! I've been rearranging my sewing room this week and have been unearthing 'buried treasures' aka as fabric I'd forgotten about! I have so many smaller pcs, less than a yd and half, that would be perfect for these shorts. I LOVE pockets and flat fronts, that is what sold me on these shorts. All your versions thus far are fab! Thanks for sharing your makes!

  4. Cute, Cute, CUTE!! Love 'em all! They fit you perfectly and so very glad you like them too. Thank you for the shout out! So glad they are working so well for you. It's funny because I'd almost forgotten... we both may have been making the Kirsten Tee at the same time that year..... churning them out together. Great minds think alike?! :)

  5. I'm another Lisa who is dazzled by their cuteness!

  6. Thank you so much for posting about these shorts! I was taping the PDF's pages together within minutes. I've made three pairs in two days, that's how much I love these shorts! I'm 5' 8", so lengthened mine an inch. I found that the size they give for my measurements is huge, so I actually went down TWO sizes after I made the first pair.