Sunday, December 28, 2014

Holiday Cheer

Now that the day is passed and my me-made gifts have been delivered, here's a quick rundown.

I made a couple of Maria Denmark Kirsten Tees for friends. This shirt is so easy to wear and looks good on most anyone, so I figured they might enjoy them.

I also sewed up a couple sets of pot holders

And knit a ruffly scarf for the son's girlfriend.

The boys seemed to like their quilts as well as any 20-something man could be expected to.
nephew wrapped in quilt

son taking quilt for a test drive

Hope the holidays brought you plenty to smile about!
Zoe being petted to a fare-the-well at the Pause for Paws event up on campus

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  1. Love all your handmade gifts. They are the best kind!! Happy New Year!!