Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Flashdance Redux

This is Raglan Pullover Top #114 from the October, 2016 issue of Burdastyle.

Full frontal, with sleeves unfurled
I was after a loose-fitting, sweatshirt kind of top, but with a bit more style. A bit more panache. I'm kind of worried that I ended up over Flashdance territory.

OK, here's the line drawing. Looks like your garden-variety raglan sleeve sweatshirt, right? One of the photos in the magazine notes that the "oval neckline ... drapes flatteringly around the neck and shoulders."
Makes it sound a bit more like a boat neck, huh? I was OK with that idea. It ended up a bit larger than I'd thought it would, but I'm still liking that feature pretty well.

It's the body I'm wondering about. It's a pretty darn generous cut. Like, you could fit two of me in here.
Side view
That arm scythe is hanging pretty low. Especially when seen from the rear. Hmm. Now I'm wondering if I got confused and put the danged thing on backwards.

Back view, with low-hanging sleeves 
I used a thin, droopy sweater knit from the back of the stash shelf, which probably contributes to the baggy look. If I'd used a heavier knit, more like a sweatshirt weight, I bet I'd have ended up with something closer to what the Burdastyle photoshoot led me to expect.

On balance, I think the top will end up being OK. I don't love it, but I'll probably wear it. It will fill the bill for lounging around the house on crisp fall days. If I hike the sleeves up, it doesn't look quite so enormous, right?

Front with sleeves hiked up.
My pattern review is on here.


  1. Hiking the sleeves up does make it look ever so much more 'chic'! Actually, I am shocked to see this top this over-sized as I've got that issue and was planning on making that top too, but not expecting it so overly-slouchy. Keeping that in mind, I'll still make it as it looks like a comfy top. I do like yours! :)

    1. I think a beefier fabric, and maybe one size down would do the trick. I'm keeping an eye peeled for your review!

  2. Interestingly, with your svelte figure, pretty much everything drapes nicely. While it is a bit loose, as you say, it is still elegant! Plus the color looks charming on you.