Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer Shorts, Take Two

Now this is what I'm talking about! Comfortable shorts with great pockets that sit at my waist.

These are Shorts 107A from the July, 2016 issue of Burdastyle. They come in culotte length too, if that's your jam. Look at those pockets! Cute, no? The tops kind of curve up over the waistband and turn into belt loops.

BS 07-2016-107A

I made them out of some lightweight denim from Hart's. I'd recommend a pretty lightweight fabric for these; by the time you have those wide belt loops over the interfaced waistband, you have quite a few layers of fabric to sew through. In fact, I ended up not catching the belt loops in the waistband seam on the inside. I just hand-stitched them down, to reduce some of that bulk.

Side view
I decided not to include the cuffs (or turn ups, as Burda calls them). Cuffs on shorts always seem a bit fiddly to me. They're not comfortable to sit on, and they keep folding and unfolding themselves in awkward ways. I also left off the faux pocket flap on the back. I probably would have left it off even if it was a real pocket, because who needs back pockets when you have those nifty front pockets?

Back view
You can't see it in this photo, but there's a belt loop in the back which is wide enough to balance out the front belt loops. You can kind of pick it out in the line drawing up above there. Even though there are only three belt loops, they're wide enough so that your belt stays put.

This is my new favorite shorts pattern! In fact, I like them so much I'm thinking I might lengthen them into regular pants.

Here I am, test driving them on the Back Bay Loop at Newport Beach. In my book, shorts that are comfortable enough for a longish bike ride are winner.

The Boy gave them the thumbs up!

My pattern review is on here.


  1. These are adorable!! I'll keep an eye out for them on burdastyle, since I don't get the mag. Love them on you.

  2. Yay!! Found them: Seersucker Shorts 07/2016 #107A

    Thks so much for showing these!

  3. You are right about the bike riding test! They are very cute.

  4. Love these! You did a super job and these fit you perfectly! :)

  5. These look great. I love the style of those belt loops! I'm currently making my first pair of shorts (excluding PJ shorts) using a Burda pattern, hopefully they'll be finished before our summer is!

  6. Great shorts, my mag shows these as 110, 107 is the top in same fabric. Great shape, this issue is a winner