Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ascot Jacket

This is the Ascot Jacket by Loes Hinse. It's an oldie but a goodie, dated 2009 on the envelope.

Loes Hinse is a dutch designer. She used to have a shop in Carmel where she sold ready-made versions of her designs. She also sold her patterns and some remnants of the fabrics she used. It was always a super fun stop on a trip to Carmel. You could try on the styles before you decided on a pattern and she gave you personalized sizing advice.

I hadn't been down that way for several years though, until I spent a wonderful Girl's Night Out at the Cypress Inn with my friend Carol this week. Carol sweetly trekked up and down with me, searching for Loes's shop.  No luck. Even with two smart phones and Yelp, we could't find it. But you can still find her patterns, along with some lovely fabrics, on the Casual Elegance website.

Shoulder collapsing in the back. Probably need to add those shoulder pads.
I like Loes Hinse patterns for their streamlined look and construction. They're great for showing off a nice, drapey fabric. Her lines are simple and she doesn't use linings, interfacing or even much in the way of closures. She intends you to whiz the garments up in moments, using a serger. Which I don't have, but I did just fine with a straight stitch and my overcast foot.

Rear view with sad shoulders
This pattern does call for shoulder pads, which I omitted. As I look at this rear view, it appears that was a mistake. My shoulders could use a little extra oomph. I haven't worn a shoulder pad since 1987, but I think I'll go ahead and add a pair to this jacket. Just some small ones to shore up the line.

I made this jacket at Sewing Camp and I would call it a quick and easy sew. There are only five pattern pieces, including a separate piece for the under collar, which is always a nice touch. Everything fit together very easily. The instructions were clear and even informative, since they told you why you were working certain steps.

The jacket closes with a thread loop and one button, making a nice opportunity to use something special. I chose this button that I got years ago at Findings in Carmel (oh, Findings, why are you no longer there for me?). My thread loop is huge and dorky because I hadn't yet found this tutorial on the Grainline site. Besides adding shoulder pads, I'll be re-doing my thread loop.

My one button closure
The fabric is a light wool gabardine that I got as a remnant at Stone Mountain & Daughter. I had 1.5 yards, which was plenty to cut the jacket in my size.

Anyway, this is a nice, light jacket to toss on over a sleeveless top to go out for drinks. Or maybe to wear over said top during the day if you work in an air-conditioned office.

My pattern review is on here. And Zoe says, "Hoppy Easter!"

Zoe, all dressed to go read with little kids at the public library


  1. What a great jacket! I love the lapel and gray is such a versatile color.

  2. I made several of these back in the day! Good job on yours :-) I do remember them requiring should pads, though. I had no idea of her background or that she had a store in Carmel.

  3. Such an elegant jacket for true lady :)

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  5. Great little jacket- and I remember that store, we went there once! Meanwhile Zoe looks great in that color of ears...