Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Stash Enhancement

My friend Molly's parents are downsizing and her mother very kindly offered to pass along her fabric stash. And Molly very kindly thought of me.

This was just the kind of stash a sewist loves to inherit; only a few pieces, but each is very choice.

One cut was about two yards of batik. Very nice quality; looks like it actually came from Southeast Asia, rather than an American quilting emporium.

New Look 6598 in batik
The colors are soft, but not quite as soft as they look in the photo above. Here's an indoor photo, which I think is closer to the real colors.

Colors are truer in this photo
The Hart's ladies liked this fabric as much as I do. They got all involved in helping me pick the perfect buttons.

Perfect button
I didn't have a lot of fabric to work with, because the yardage was narrow. After faffing about in the pattern drawer, I selected New Look 6598, which just fit.

I've made this top a few times before - looks like I got it way back in 2002. Heck, practically vintage! I'm not wild about the fit of the sleeve on this pattern, but I do enjoy my sleeveless makes. This time I finished the arm scythe with bias tape instead of the facings included with the pattern. I like this finish much better; those pesky facings keep popping out on my earlier versions. I like the clean look of the collar-less neckline and it's a nice canvas for cute cotton prints. I have one iteration that's covered in coffee cups.

Side view
I couldn't do too much about pattern matching, given my limited yardage, but I think things worked out pretty well. At least I don't have any totally awkward flower placement going on.

Not really watching a bird, just trying not to  smile like a serial murderer
My pattern review is on PatternReview.com here.

Oh, and my new stash includes two dress lengths of what I'm pretty sure is Liberty.


  1. Love three are really pretty fabrics, this looks neat and perfect for the batik

  2. Oh boy! that was a nice gift, such pretty fabrics. Enjoy.

  3. Lucky you! I'm always so thrilled when such a gift as this comes along.

    It's fun to read your blog...I was born and raised in Santa Cruz. Memories!

    Deb, No. California

  4. Serial murderer indeed! No, more likely a serial sewist.- Lisa