Thursday, February 5, 2015

Burda Challenge, February Edition

I knew I'd have to jump right on my February Burda project because I'm taking a couple of trips this month.*

Without belt
This meant that I had to look back in time to an earlier February, because the current  issue of Burdastyle isn't on my bookstore shelves yet (believe me, I check about every two hours). I went with 02-2011-107, the high-waisted pencil skirt. Believe it or not, it's the first pencil skirt to hit my closet in 30 years.

Burdastyle 02-2011-107
 I used a remnant of stretch suiting that I got at Hart's here in Santa Cruz. I used most of the cut to make a pair of 40's style wide-legged trousers several years ago. The leftovers were scant, but I thought I might be able to squeeze a pencil skirt out of them. Turns out I could! Especially this pencil skirt. The front is cut on the fold and the back has two pieces with a princess-style seam. Gives you lots of skoosh room for laying out, as well as plenty of seams for customizing the fit.

This skirt counts for two challenges at once! Burda and Stashbusting!
 I test-drove the skirt on Tuesday at work. The high waist didn't shift around or crumple, which I thought it might, and the slight stretch of the fabric made it comfortable even while slouching at my desk all day. The only change I might make would be to add a slit in the back. I kept the length long for a vintage-y look and the bottom hem is narrow enough that I had to take graceful, lady-like steps all day.

With belt
I have a remnant from a pair of Clover's that I held onto, thinking pencil skirt. I like this pattern enough to give it another try. Next time I'll go a little shorter so I can walk faster than a hobble.

My pattern review is on here.

*One of my trips is to the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup at the end of the month. Can't wait! It will be my first time, anyone have any tips for me?


  1. Looks great! No tips for the expo but sounds like lots of fun

  2. The whole outfit is fantastic. Love the skirt a TON!!!

  3. Great looking skirt. Love it with the belt. I have been to the expo several times in the past. My recommendations are:
    - take advantage of the "coat check" option. Bring a backpack to hold all of your purchases and then you can leave it at the coat check so you don't have to carry them around all day. You can visit it as often as you like to add more goodies to your pack
    - bring snacks and bottled water.
    - try to allow time in your schedule for shopping. I have tried to cram in as many classes as I could and sometimes they were back to back which left little time for shopping.
    - wear comfortable shoes! There is a lot of walking between buildings.
    - most importantly-have a great time! I can't wait to hear about your experiences and purchases!