Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sleeveless Tee, Alabama Chanin Style

When I finished my red dress I had just enough fabric left to tempt me to try to squeeze something else out of it. This jersey, which I got at Backstitch, was so soft, and with such a nice weight and drape that I couldn't see hiding it as undies. Plus it's a red I can get away with wearing, which is a rare thing.

I tried pretty much every tee shirt pattern I own, but couldn't get the pieces to fit. I could tell that my best bet was going to be the tee shirt from Alabama Studio Sewing + Design, which I've already traced out and made a few times. If I made the sleeveless version, I was so close.

I was almost ready to give up, when I realized I could cut the back in two pieces and seam it together up the middle. Who's going to notice a seam in the back? And if they do, I'll be facing the other way and I won't care.

This tee, sans sleeves, is kind of like a shell. The high neck and the shoulder-coverage keep the sun off a bit, and it would work well with a cardigan or jacket for work.

The seam isn't too obvious, thanks to the fairy random vertical print.
I toyed with the idea of making the arm scythes a bit more open, but I'm glad I didn't. They're plenty comfortable and I like having the coverage up top.

Another easy-packer for our trip to Oregon. You've gotta love a good tee shirt.

My review is on here.

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