Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Notion to Sew

We saw a bunch of fabulous scenery and even more fabulous family on our trip through the mid-West, and we also visited a goodly number of antique stores.

6 20-inch zippers for $1.50
While antiquing, I always keep my eye open for patterns and notions. Vintage is always a happy find, but I also love turning up contemporary items for a great price.

I got 3 big bags of seam binding and lace for a buck a piece
Buttons in colors I'm liable to use, plus enough lace to trim the neckline of something or other
 And here are the patterns:

Now I'm itching to sew, but my machine is in the shop for a going-over. I could tell it was taking a nose dive when I was finishing up my pre-vacation sewing and sure enough, Doc Stitch's tells me I have burrs on my needle plate and a big wad of thread gumming up my innards. I should be back in business by tomorrow, thank goodness. I have my June Make a Garment a Month project eagerly waiting in my sewing nook.


  1. Glad you're home safe and sound, Nancy. I love the picture of that big boot! And tornadoes near Salina? Not so fun.That's an interesting run of the decades in the group of patterns, from the 30s to the 60s. Which do you plan to tackle first?

    1. I'm looking at that little drop-waisted Simplicity. The size is pretty close and I even have some fabric in stash that might work. So many patterns, so little time!

    2. That's true whether for present day patterns too. So many wonderful things to sew and techniques to try. Good luck with that Simplicity. It's pretty cute. I'm seeing a lot of drop waist looks on the interwebs lately. You may be getting in at the very start of a new trend.