Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cozy Renfrew

White shirts are a No, but white dogs are AOK
The February challenge for Make a Garment a Month is to make something white, something beaded, or something warm. I haven't been able to wear white near my face since I was a dewy young 40-year old, and sewing something beaded is probably a little beyond my skill level (and my patience). But I can always use another cozy garment, even though we've been having unseasonably warm and dry weather here on the Central Coast.

The Renfrew Top, by Sewaholic Patterns, needs no introduction. This is a Renfrew of the cowl neck persuasion. I've probably made more iterations of the Renfrew than any other pattern in my stash. I have at least three cowl neck versions alone, and I don't know how many round necks. I haven't even started on the v-necks yet! But who can't use multiples of a comfortable, slightly fitted tee shirt with sleeve and neckline variations?
My fabric is a mystery knit. It's very light weight - almost transparent. But the surface is brushed so it feels like a sweater knit. I pre-treated by throwing it in the washing machine and dryer along with all my other laundry and it came out as soft and drapey as it went in. The colors are pretty true to life in this photo. It's chocolate brown with polka dots in mustard, teal, sage, white and dark rose. Now that I've used it to produce a finished garment I can see it goes with darn near everything in my wardrobe. Plus it's surprisingly warm and cozy to wear.
I got this knit, along with four others, at a great little fabric store in Nevada City, California, called Backstitch. It's owned by a nice lady named Deanna Bratt. She's a designer and the store showcases some of the items she's designed and sewn. All super cute.
In the back of the store she has rolls of fabric that she picks up in the garment district in Los Angeles. She passes on the goodness at extremely reasonable prices. If you're touring the Gold Country along Highway 49 and find yourself in Nevada City, I highly recommend a stop!

My pattern review is on here.


  1. Hello, I can recommend the V neck Renfrew even though I have just sewn up the one - yesterday. I was so impressed with the fit and the shaping of that V is divine. I'm sure you'll love it.

    1. I've heard people say that Tasia's technique for getting a nice point on the V is worth the price of the pattern. I need to make a V-neck just to try that out!

  2. Great renfrew!!! I've made one version, but it was just a little too small and I haven't gotten back around to trying it in the next size up. Maybe soon...I bought some knit tonight that would work well with it. And your dog is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    1. Thank you! The dog is Zoe, our Great Pyrenees. She's a Class A photo bomber!